Executive education programmes

As a Business School, we strive to be recognized not only as an institution that prides its self on providing quality academic education but also the practical application of concepts and theories in the world of work. Our Executive Education Division (EED) aims to strengthen its relationships with public and private organisations through the development of customised learning solutions. In addition, EED will deliver professional development courses for senior managers, emerging managers and junior managers. Executive Education, will also focus on empowering working adults through the ladder of learning option. Thus, redressing the inequalities of the past by enabling all South Africans to participate in tertiary Business Education. The EED short courses and workshops are approved through relevant university committees, while formal Higher Certificates are approved by the Council of Higher Education.

Benefits of studying courses with the Executive Education Division

  • Professional development of company leaders and managers
  • Individual learners can choose from a basket of short courses
  • Opportunity to select courses that are beneficial to their company and their personal careers
  • Opportunity to add value to their organisations after completing professional development courses
  • Building business leadership skills in both the public and private sector
  • Blended teaching and learning approach

Customised Learning SOLUTIONS

One of the ways we intend to strengthen our relationships with public and the corporate sector is through the development of customised learning solutions.. We will listen intently to organisations, define their learning needs and develop solutions that are fit for purpose and relate to their industry and organisational context. The programmes will be formulated according to an agreed brief and defined scope, and will be measured through key performance indicators within a signed service level agreement. In all cases quality and relevance will be foremost and the goal will always be to provide access to formal qualifications to learners who have completed these solutions, either status, where possible, but mostly through the recognition of their prior learning, and work experience.